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Field Hospital

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Roos was looking at a beaten Daeva with a sympathy.
- Contunual trainings surely do fortify your body, but if you're injured, it's better to visit a doctor as soon as possible. We have prepared prescriptions for the most unexpected situations. We have fast-acting medicine. It may save you in an emergency.
What are you interested in? Check the boxes with medicaments standing near our camp. There's everything that may be needed for the first-aid. And our pretty nurses will take care of your mental health. 


Event is in progress:

from 25.07.2019 to 30.09.2019.

In the capital cities of the both sides you will find the tents with the NPCs of the field hospital, which will help you to charge with the martial spirit on the threshold of the great victory. 

In Pandaemonium:



In Sanctum:




Completing the quests (available for the characters of the level 10+)

  • [Event/Daily] Prescription for Medicine
  • [Event/Daily] Prescription for Psychiatric Medicine

you will reveive the following rewards


Attention! The quest gives 10 scrolls of each type (not as on the screenshot). 


and after a small talk with the medical staff the character will receive the following effects:



The quests are daily. There's no need in executing any tasks - you only need to talk to the medical staff.

Get well soon, Daevas!

Russian text shall prevail. 

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