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  1. Server closure!

    Hello, dear players! Regardless how sad it is, the server stops its work. The reason for this is almost complete absence of online in the last days and generally very low online in the last 3-4 month. Maybe some of you do not agree with it, but we've been doing everything possible to save the server and prolong it's lifetime. Several month ago we carried out active advertisement campaign, but it didng bring any results. Yes, the number of restrations grew up at once, but that was it. After the fist enter to the game, the new player saw the online and left the server forever. We do not see any real scheme to increase online on the empty server. All the attempts of advertisment only bring about the loss of money nothing else. We think that we have fulfilled out duty to the players. In the last 4 month all the spendings on the server were on us. Regardless the unprofitability of the server we've been maintaining it all the time. Now there's no point in it. The vening online on the server is less than 20 players. As many of you already know, an analogic server of Aion for european players was launched on the 20th of September - EuroAion.com. It has the same platform, the same version, the same client. The rates are lowered to x1. Yesterday online on the server was 1000+ players, many users are downloading the game. We invite you to join the game on the new project. Unfortunately, only from scratch. We cannot carry out transfers, because then the server wouldn't be new and would be sentenced to fail. Thank you for playing on our server and for the support you provided to us. We are sincerely sorry and apologise for for closing the server in front of everyone, who stayed till the very end.
  2. Hello, dear players! In case some of don't remember, reminding you about the latest changes: PvP ranking of the players on the server In the upper menu of the website you will find a link to the playr's ranking. There you will see ranking of the players in different PvP events of the server: Arena of Harmony (61-65 Lv.) Arena of Honor (61-65 Lv.) Arena of Discipline (61-65 Lv.) Arena of Chaos (61-65 Lv.) Terath Dredgion (56-65 Lv.) Iron Wall Warfront (61-65 Lv.) Kamar Battlefield (61-65 Lv.) Ophidan Warpath (61-65 Lv.) These rankings will be reset every month. In the beginning of every month TOP players will receive various bonuses according to the results of the previous month. Rewards are provided to the TOP 3 players of every ranking 1 place - Large present box: 2 place - Normal present box: 3 place - Small present box: According to the results of August, we've got the following TOP players: Arena of Harmony: Imlegend Snezhana Valkiria Arena of Discipline: Buntarochka Teedeza manaphy Arena of Chaos: RaZoR Корефан DeadMoon Arena of Honor: Valkiria Tymora ziratulka Ophidan Warpath: Valkiria xVANOx Teedeza Congratulations! The rewards have been sent to the all mentioned players by mail! The new month has come together with the new tops! Fight for leadership and your name will appeare in the same topic for September!
  3. Information on the new server

    Hello, Glad to know you've chosen our project we'll do an announcement when it's available. Also hope to open it soon
  4. Здравствуйте, Приносим свои извинения за неудобство, сегодня же добавим их в магазин.
  5. Information on the new server

    I can understand that. Still. Considering the number of questions containing "when" it's better to answer.
  6. Information on the new server

    It's only the first day. No one said that it would be launched on the 1st of September.
  7. Information on the new server

    Hello, No, we aren't going to give away tempering solution at least not that easy way lol
  8. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    The event will start after the night maintenance! Event is in progress from August, 31 to September,8!
  9. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    Shugo Imperial Tomb is already available on the server since this weekend! One spring morning the sorcerer Mirk woke up from knocking. But it sounded more like hammering on the door with all power, rather than knocking. The sorcerer crawled out from his bed unwillingly and opened the door. Behing the door stood Osaye and her eyes were telling that this day is not going to be peaceful. What has led you here so early, Osaye? – Mirk was obviously sleeping on his feet, but was still holding on, as it is supposed for such an intelligent magician. For today I’m not called Osaye anymore, my name is now Lara. And as soon as I transform into a Shugo, you’ll be calling me Lararin. Why are you transforming into a Shugo? Have you got in some troubles and now trying to hide from the Archons? – The sorcerer didn’t understand anything about what was going on. We are going to the Tombs. Wild Tayga is recruiting the group, so get ready, take your orb and let’s hurry up. Come on, no time for shaking. Or you don’t want to get gear? Confidence of the witch left Mirk with no choice. He put on his tunic, took the crystal ball from the table and went with the witch. Important details: Instance time reset: 22h Lvl range: 51+ Group: Two or Three players Items allowed: food, scrolls and special items collected from the mobs. A special dungeon has been opened for the event. The entry to the dungeon is available through the quest NPC Indiana Jonshunerk. NPC can be found in the following locations: At this NPC you should take the quest [Event] Empires Past, for which you will receive Coin-collector's Pouch. After this quest 2 more become available: Daily: [Event/Daily] Spirited Thanks. Reward: Coin-collector's Pouch. Additional optional reward when completed 10 times - 10 Coin-collector's Pouch One-time quest: [Event] Secret of the Map Piece. Награда: Immortal Treasure Chest Key - 5. Magical Map Box Now, after taking all quests, it’s time to go to the dungeon with a group (3 players maximum, possible to enter in two). After entering the temple everyone transforms into a Shugo, all the skills become inactive, and only new special skills on the new panel stay available. Now only special items, acquired from the mobs, and food with scrolls can be used. The distance of skills is short, you should stay very close to the mobs. The whole dungeon has 3 stages. On every stage you will be defending from monsters three Tombstones, placed in the center of the dungeon. Monsters do not attack players and do not deal them any damage; they are heading to the Tombstones to destroy them. The main target is to defend central Tombstone – “Emperor's Monument ". If it is destroyed – you won’t get any reward. Before you launch the first stage, we recommend you to change loot roll to the “common and superior” The stages are launched by the Shugo Cleric: 1 Stage Start the 1st stage, it is the easiest one. Monsters appear slowly, there are monsters-bosses among them, from them you can get keys and pieces of the treasure map. You get 3 skills: Shugo Strike: normal attack inflicts 250 damage apiece on up to 2 enemies. Shugo Doom: Causes 3000 physical damage to a selected target. Shugo Sweep: up to 4 opponents in your vicinity will incur 566-567 additional damage. From the Awakened Guardians you can get some useful items restoring DP, healing tombstones and freezing monsters. These items can be acquired on every stage and disappear when you leave the dungeon. Instantly restores 2000 DP Instantly restores 4000DP Instantly increases HP at the Imperial Tombstone “Tower” by 50% Immobilizes all enemies inside the Imperial Tomb for 6 sec. Very useful during the boss fights. 2 Stage This stage is more difficult than the previous and monsters are stronger. The keys and pieces of maps can be only acquired from 2 bosses: Elite Krall Lookout Leader and Elite Krall Lookout. A new skill for DP is added, but you are better to keep it for the best moments. Shugo Venom: usage costs DP 1000 – Up to 8 enemies in radius of 10 meters will receive additional 339 damage for a duration of 10s every 1s. If you have left the game on this stage, use " Veteran Shugo Warrior Transformation Device ": 3 Stage This stage is the most difficult, you will face crowds of monsters and 2 bosses which will give you pieces of the map, keys, plates and Coin-collector's Pouches. All these items disappear right after you leave the dungeon, except Coin-collector's Pouch. One more skill for DP is added: Magic Mirror: Usage costs DP 2000 – Cast reflective shield on towers. Reflect all attacks back to enemy for 8s. Use it to protect Emperor's Monument (Take the monument to your target, otherwise the baff will be given to your groupmembers) REWARDS After you have collected all the pieces of maps, you will get a Magical Map Box. From this box you will receive Empress' Brass Tag or Empress' Silver Tag orEmpress' Gold Tag. Attention! If you have already finished this dungeon before, do not hurry up to open the box, it can also be used for the quest [Event] Secret of the Map Piece. Keys and pieces of maps disappear after you leave the dungeon. At the Emperor's Stele you can pass quests [Event] Secret of the Map Piece and [Event/Daily] Spirited Thanks. The keys which you got for the quests will not disappear when you leave the dungeon and are tradable. These keys are also used to open treasure chests. The tags, which you have got from the dungeon, are used to enter the room with treasure chests. Go to the Stele and choose the type of the tag you have: After you give your tags to the Stele you will get into the room of treasures. The quantity of the rewards and their chance depend on the type of the room. Empress' Brass Tag – Emperor Mirinerun’s Treasury: Crown Prince’s Relic (1 Key) Greater or Major Ancient Icon (randomly 1-5 items) + with some chance the loot described lower Special Chests (3 Keys) Greater or Major Ancient Crown/Goblet (randomly 1-5 items) + with some chance the loot described lower Empress' Silver Tag - Emperor Bellisung’s Treasury Empress' Relic (1 Key) Greater or Major Ancient Seal (randomly 1-5 items) + with some chance the loot described lower Special Chests (3 Keys) Greater or Major Ancient Crown/Goblet (randomly 1-5 items) + with some chance the loot described lower Empress' Gold Tag - Emperor Tillirun's Treasury Emperor’s Relic (1 key) Greater or Major Ancient Icon (randomly 1-5 items) + with some chance the loot described lower Special Chests (3 Keys) Greater or Major Ancient Crown/Goblet (randomly 1-5 items) + with some chance the loot described lower The list of items included to all the chests with different chances (depends on the typr of the chest): Tahabata Egg (15 days) Mini Crystal Lucid Shield Tempering Solution Spotted Beachwear Sharptooth Voidtracer (15 days) [Event] Beritra Idian Pouch Noble Composite Manastone Bundle [Event] Ancient Coin Chest Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal) Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Mythic) Ceramium Medal Armor Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) Accessory Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) Weapon Wrapping Scroll (Eternal) Precious Steampunk Wings Leopard Headpiece After you leave the dungeon you can exchange your Shugo coins at the Shugo Marion Reiring (near Indiana Jonshunerk) to the following items: From the token pouch you can get (1-3 of items on the list): Kahrun's Symbol Crusader Token/Radiant Token Guestpetal Protectorate Coin Sillus/Silona /Paradeth Crest Blood Mark Conqueror's Mark From the Fairy Tail you can receive: Fairy Horn 1 Shugo coin From the fairy horn you can get: Fairy wing 1 Shugo coin From the fairy wing you can get: Fairy heart 1 Shugo coin From the fairy heart it's possible to get: more than 50 Shugo coins. Event is in progress from August, 31 to September,8! Entry to the event dungeon is unavailable from 9pm to 11pm MSK every day! In comparison with the previous lauch of the event, the number of items from the "fairies" has been encreased. Bonus entry scroll for this dungeon has been added to the game shop! Thank you for attention and have a nicegameplay!
  10. Hello, dear players! This night, on 31.08.2019, at 2 am MSK the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 60-120 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  11. Сайт игры

    Проблема была устранена.
  12. Сайт игры

    так описывайте проблему точнее, загрузка сайта проходит Будем решать.
  13. Сайт игры

    Здравствуйте, Проблемы в работе сайта не наблюдаются
  14. Information on the new server

    Hello, We've been planning the opening for August, but due to some problems we are not able to open it this month. Most possibly the release will be in September, if nothing extraordinal happens.
  15. Hello!!!!

    There is no virus in this client, however, some anti viruses "find" them. It is false positive. That is why we suggest to add the client to the white list of the anti-virus program as soon as download starts.