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Found 8 results

  1. English Speaking Legion - Elyos.

    Hi guys, just started the game today after a very long time (love the client) ... Just looking for some english speaking (possibly Lithuanian) legions that i could join. My in-game name is - Lietuvis
  2. Romanian legion

    Buna. Sunt din Romania si am un prieten Din Moldova care joaca aici. Avem intentia sa cream o legiune de romani daca apar interesati. Dati PM in joc, numele meu e tot Adrian si in joc, sau lasati un reply aici.
  3. new international legion (Elyos)

    Hi i'm Elementalis in-game, a spirit master. I'm creating a new legion of english speakers, players of every horizons and who are not forced to learn russian for play at this game. The legion is for now without prerequisites, and we got for goal to play together, do instances, drop stuffs, and rekt some asmodians. The legion is already created and it name is NoPainNoKinah in memory to my old legion on Calindi (EUW). Don't hesitate to contact me in game or to ask in /3.
  4. Hai, I was wondering if there were any English friendly legions still around? I played from day one of this server up until mid July. I'm an experienced cleric of the Asmodian faction and all of the English speaking friends I had have quit. I've got Discord and Teampseak, although I prefer Teamspeak.
  5. Hello, I am planning on returning to the game, but I would like to know if there is a legion I could join upon my return. I played from launch up until the middle of June. All of the English speaking friends I had when I played no longer play on the server and I don't really want to come back just to play alone. I'm a very experienced cleric who has done many of the dungeons available in this patch. I have Discord, and Teamspeak, although I do prefer Discord. If there are any English friendly legions still floating around that would accept a cleric I would be very happy to join.
  6. looking for legion(eloy)

    hi, guys I'm looking for legion. (me and my sister are eloy) I live in Korea(ROK) and I'm korean. I came here looking for a private server because Korean aions were not fun. I don't know Russian, but English is a little possible. So I am looking for English legion. I've run from Korea to version 4.5, so I'm not sure since. I like Dungeon and Pvp. But equipment is not good yet... I'm playing hard. I don't know Russian, so I hesitate to go to the party. Also, I do not know about many dungeons such as Tiamat Stronghold, Krotan/K Analysis/Miren, Sauro, Internal Bastion, etc. I need someone to share a little information in English. I want legion and a tip to play with this server. (I got some help from the translator.)
  7. Requirements: Active Player Speaks Polish Good Sense of Humor Our own TS3 server - helpfulp for events and/or instances, sieges etc Speaking is not required, but it'll be helpful for everyone For more questions you can always contact us through in-game: - Hagatii - Katti - FIFQ - Ameerah or via Forum Apostates >>> Polski Wymagania: Aktywny gracz Mówi po polsku Dobre poczucie humoru Nasz własny serwer TS3 - pomocny przy wydarzeniach i / lub instancjach, oblężeniach itp Mówienie na TS3 nie jest wymagane, ale będzie pomocne dla wszystkich. Aby uzyskać więcej informacji, zawsze możesz skontaktować się z nami w grze: - Hagatii - Katti - FIFQ - Ameerah lub przez nasze Forum Apostates >>> Zapraszamy
  8. Underground

    В легион Underground (6ур) ведётся набор! Будем рады приветствовать в наших рядах новых добропорядочных и просто позитивных и при этом адекватных людей! Связь RaidCall!!! Набор с уровня 50+ 1)От нас походы в данжи,и на разных рб 2)Походы на осады 3)Узы 4)Фан/ПВП 5)Связь RaidCall