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[Competition] Celebrities in Aion!

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Celebrities in Aion

It's time to fill the world of Aion with celebrities from the real life, and you can help us with this!


Main points of the competition: 

You make a character looking like a famous person from the real life. Celebrities can be of any sphere: actors, singers, your favourite authors and so on.
You can create a new character or change the appearance of already existing char. A nickname, matching with the name of the chosen celebrity will be a big advantage.

For those who want to change his existing character, we have made added special items to the shop and made new discounts:

  • Name change ticket. New price - 150 coins (you save 250 coins)
  • Plastic surgery ticket. New price - 100 coins (you save 150 coins)
  • Plastic Surgery Ticket Box (1 day) - provides an opportinity to change appearance of one character an unlimited number of times during one day. - price - 150 coins.

You can buy these items with discounts in this section of the shop

Publishing of works:

After you create the "copy" of celebrity, you must make a screenshot(s) of their appearance and publish it in the special topic together with the photos of the celebrity you were making. Also, you must write full name and surname of the chosen celebrity and the nickname of the "copy' character.
Do not delete characters before the end of the competition, so the administration will be able to check if it was really you who made this char, and the screenshot is not from the internet. 

Topic for publishing of works



As a reward for the victory in the competition you will get:

  • 1 winner- 1000 GCoins + Value Boost Pack 30 days + any attire existing in the game on your choise (even if it is not added to the shop, one item)
  • 2 winner- 500 GCoins + Value Boost Pack 15 days
  • 3 winner - 300 GCoins + Value Boost Pack 7 days

The winners will be chosen through the voting of players (likes to the posts) + voting of administration. The administration still has the final word on the winners (in order to prevent drining up the likes and biased voting).

You can poblish your works till 19.10 (inclusively). The results will be announced on 22.10.2018 

Good lick you in the competition!

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