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Server closure!

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Hello, dear players!

Regardless how sad it is, the server stops its work.


The reason for this is almost complete absence of online in the last days and generally very low online in the last 3-4 month.

Maybe some of you do not agree with it, but we've been doing everything possible to save the server and prolong it's lifetime. 

Several month ago we carried out active advertisement campaign, but it didng bring any results. Yes, the number of restrations grew up at once, but that was it. After the fist enter to the game, the new player saw the online and left the server forever. 

We do not see any real scheme to increase online on the empty server. All the attempts of advertisment only bring about the loss of money nothing else.

We think that we have fulfilled out duty to the players. In the last 4 month all the spendings on the server were on us. Regardless the unprofitability of the server we've been maintaining it all the time. Now there's no point in it. The vening online on the server is less than 20 players.


As many of you already know, an analogic server of Aion for european players was launched on the 20th of September - It has the same platform, the same version, the same client. The rates are lowered to x1.

Yesterday online on the server was 1000+ players, many users are downloading the game.

We invite you to join the game on the new project. Unfortunately, only from scratch. We cannot carry out transfers, because then the server wouldn't be new and would be sentenced to fail.


Thank you for playing on our server and for the support you provided to us.

We are sincerely sorry and apologise for for closing the server in front of everyone, who stayed till the very end.

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