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Tempering Solution is never too much!

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Tempering Solution is never too much!

Tempering Solution has been addeed

as an additionsl reward for final bosses in the dungeons of level 50+

The items can be obtained randomly

The event is in progress until 06.02.2019 г.

The list of dungeons included:

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  • Abbysal Splinter
  • Udas Temple
  • Lower Udas Temple
  • Padmarashka's Cave
  • Esoterrace
  • Beshmundir Temple
  • Raksang
  • Argent Manor
  • Elementis Forest
  • Sarpan Battleground
  • Muada's Trencher
  • Rentus Base
  • Tiamat Stronghold
  • Dragon Lord's Refuge
  • Steel Rose Deck (Group)
  • Steel Rose Cargo
  • Steel Rose Quarters
  • Sauro Supply Base
  • Ophidan Bridge
  • Infinity Shard
  • Illuminary Obelisk
  • Danuar Reliquary
  • Danuar Sanctuary


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