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Asmodian characters creation closed

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Hello, dear players!

Today we have come with the decision to close the opportunity of creation asmo-characters.

The reason for this is the growing disbalanсe between sides.

Registration will be closed for an undetermined period of time, until we see positive dynamics of Elyos growth on the server. 

Answering further questions - transfer of characters from one side to another won't be open!

Previously we have already used these methods and it brought some good results. That time we opened an opportunity to create asmodian characteres for 1 hour once a day. Possibly, if it is necessary for some new players coming to play with specific asmo legions or for asmo-legions joining our server, we will do the same. In this case, please, contact with us in this topic or via private messages.

Thank you for attention and have a great time in game!

In view of our previous practices: We would like to give a separate word for those selling their asmo-accounts. For such actions full ban of all game accounts on the server will be set, together with the restrictions for entering the game further. 

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