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[Updates] Client and Server changes

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Hello, dear players!

We have prepared for you a range of changes on the server and updated the client and anti-cheat system.
More information further in the topic


Updated client supporting x64 version:

After today's update you'll get an opportunity to play x64 client version.
It has shown more stable performance and higher FPS. However, not everyone will be able to use x64 client.
In order to run this version you must have minimum 5.5Gb RAM and x64 system.

For entering the game with x64 client you must set this option in the launcher settings:



New launcher and additional anti-cheat system

Starting from today we have started using active anticheat. In this view, those who were entering the game without using our launcher must download new launcher manually and play with it. Entering the game without the new launcher will be from now on impossible.

In case your launcher doesn't update itself you must redownload it. All the players are recommended to check the client with the new launcher. It will download some more files!

Other changes on the server:


- Online bonuses have been updated. To be more clear, previous version of them has been returned.



- In all the meaningful dungeons of level 50+ an additional reward in the form of Tempering Solution has been set. 



- The event "See You in Tiamaranta's Eye" has been updated.
It is launched in the original form, all your suggestions have been taken into account.



- [Event] Come Back to Atreia!


Image result for discount 30



Also, every Elyos receieves a present in the form of
Title "Glorious Number One "

Which is unavailable in our game shop.


  • PvP Magical Defense +2%
  • PvP Physical Defense +2%
  • Speed. +5
  • Atk. Speed +4%
  • Casting speed +4%


We hope that this small bonus will raise your team spirit!
Don't give up and surrender to Asmodians!

Thank you for attention and have a great time in game!

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