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[Event] "Daeva's Day" for Birthday!

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Hello. Daevas!
We are celebrating our 1st anniversary! Congratulatory delegation has already arrived in Atreia to celebrate Daeva's Day together with its heroes.
The guests have brought together a large Birthday cake with three candles on it, but the magic flames are fading away... what should we do?
A way out is here! Collect Aether Flame and bring it to Hapolia or Berdinea which can be found in the main cities. If you'll be waiting for too long, the flames will scatter to the winds in 2 hours and there wil be no more of it!
In exchange, you will receive Brilliant, Calming, or Mysterious Truly Free Candle. These candles must be broght to the cake as fast as possible - and hooray! You, and everyone else staying within 200 meters from the cake will receive a blessing of flaming candles. By uniting in this act of kindness Daevas will receive many useful buffs and players of high levels will be able to help their "small" friends to level up, get some items and become stronger.

A surprise also awaits new players. After becoming daevas they will receive a special quest. The reward for this quest contains a pack of items for development of the character, including scrolls, potions, pets and many other things.

Good Luck!

Event is in progress from April, 7 to April, 21.

For Daevas of level 30 and higher

In the process of the event every daeva of lvl 30 and higher can receive Aether Flame.

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It can be obtained from the monsters in the following locations:

  • Heiron / Beluslan
  • Inggison / Gelkmaros
  • Tiamaranta's Eye


  • Aether Flames drop with some chance from the monsters of 30+ lvl.
  • It can be collected only from the monsters with the equal to the character level or +/- 8 levels to the character's.

Ather Flame can be held in the inventory for only 2 hours. Only one piece of Aether Flame can be held at once.

Aether Flame cannot be obtained in the dungeons, dredgeons and on the arenas.


Aether Flames can be exchanged at Hapolia (Sanctum) or at Berdinea (Pandaemonium). 

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for one of the holiday candles:

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As soon as you have received a candle, get to the cake and use the candle.


  • Candles can only be stored in the inventory for 30 minutes;
  • All the Daevas within 200 meters from the cake will receive a blessing accoring to the type of the candle used;
  • 3 Blessings can be received at once; 
  • after leaving the game, the timing of blessing stops;
  • after receiving a new blessing, the timing is reset in case the character already has the same blessing;
  • the effect of the blessings (buffs) lasts 4 hours.

Every player can only get 4 candles a day!

For Daevas reached level 10

New characters who haven't reached the 10th level yet, can receive an additional quest, in which they will get additional birthday presents. 
The NPCs giving the quests can be found in the sactuaries npc, которые дают квестовое задание, находятся в святилище Dwen (Sanctum) and Aved (Pandaemonium)

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cd9e05f07b01dbc18b7cc168cf68b732.png 3f280dc77c30e9298ab2d960ea6f4d1c.png ce487c9879e6ea3eac2333df2f689cb7.png

The reward is given at once.

  • - Daminu's Amulet I (10)
  • - New Daeva Supplies
  • - Goldentail Dorion Egg
  • - Reviving Elemental Stone (10)

Fromt the New Daeva Supplies chest one can receive potions and scrolls for their level, running scrolls, defense scrolls, awakening and courage scrolls (according to the character's class) in the quantity of 50 pcs.

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If the character didn't take the quest right away, it can be taken befor the first log out (regardless of level).


At the NPCs' Ias (Sanctum) and Belenus (Pandaemonium) one more quest is available.
As a reward for the quest you can receive a Pointy Hat and 10 Firecrackers!

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In Danaria, somewhere among the ices, wanders Ativas Crystalline.

Walking through its wides, Ativas has taken a lot of valuable items, and taking them back is not so easy task.
Ativas is evil and dangerous. Only with the help of numerous Daevas can he be defeated.


Apart from the main loot from the boss, the following items can be received:

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  • [Title] Dreamstrider Title (7 days)
  • [Title Card] Indomitable (7 days)
    • Yume Summoning Lamp (30 days)
    • Stormwing Egg (30 days)
    • Tahabata Egg (30 days)
    • Infernal Diabol Egg (30 days)
      • Ruddytail Heorn (30 days)
      • Palomeno Heorn (30 days)
      • Sharptooth Voidtracer (30 days)
      • Sharptooth Barbtail (30 days)
      • Sharptooth Steamrunner (30 days)
      • Sharptooth Ripper (30 days)
      • Flying Pagati (30 days)
        • Composite Manastone Bundle
        • Enchantment Stone (Lv. 130)
        • Fabled Godstone Bundle (Fabled, level 50) 
        • Fine Bracing Water
          • Infused Idian: Strike Resist
          • Infused Idian: Magical Attack
          • Infused Idian: Block
          • Infused Idian: Strike Resist
          • Infused Idian: Spell Resist
            • Tempering Solution
            • Felicitous Socketing (Eternal)
            • Felicitous Socketing (Mythic)
              • [Event] Hyperion's Wing Chest
              • [Event] Hyperion's Mythic Armor Chest
              • [Event] Hyperion's Mythic Weapon Chest

Ativas Crystalline
usually appeares in the ices of the Sleeping Elders Plateau.

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The boss easily loses aggression is the one provoking it runs away.


Good luck in hunting, Daevas!

[Event] Come Back to Atreia!


[Event] Veteran Rewards!


[Event] Easy start


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