Play more and get items for enchantment of you gear, weapon and accessories!    Bonuses for staying online:       Every 2 hours in game - Manastone Lv. 60 4 hours in game - Composite Manastone Lv. 60 6 hours in game - Enchantment stone 20 hours in game - Tempering Solution Only for the characters of level 60 and higher!   How the bonuses are accounted: Bonuses will be sent right to the inventory, not to the mail. Bonuses are accounted for the whole time in game, not only for unstoppable online! You can change your character. Online timing affects every character separately and will continue after entering a specitif character. You can leave the game and after the repeated entry, online timing will be continued. This all means, that staying onlyne for 8 hours in a row is not necessary! If you enter the game 4 times during the day and stay each for 2 hours, you will receive the bonuses. Bonuses can be changed without additional announcement! Duration of the event isn't determined. In case of it's ending, it will be announced!