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    • GoldAion

      Бонусы за онлайн!   03/07/2019

      Находитесь в игре и получайте магические, волшебные камни и святую воду аугментации.
      Stay online and receive manastones, enchantment stones and tempering solution!  
    • GoldAion

      Новые внешние виды 4.75-4.8   03/21/2019

      В клиент сервера добавлены новые внешние виды из новых версий 4.75-4.8  
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      [Ивент] «День даэва» на День рождения!   04/06/2019

      Приветствуем, даэвы! Мы празднуем 1-ую нашу годовщину! 
      Поздравительная делегация прибыла в Атрею, чтобы отметить вместе с ее героями день даэва.    
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[Event] Bonuses for Online!

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Purrfect    44

Play more and get items for enchantment of you gear, weapon and accessories! 



Bonuses for staying online:

  • 2 h - Manastones pouch (green manastones Lv. 60) - 1 pcs.
  • 4 h - Composite manastones pouch Lv. 60 - 1 pcs.
  • 6 h - Enchantment stones pouch Lv.120-130 randomly - 1 pcs.
  • 8 h - Tempering Solution - 1 pcs. 

Only for the characters of level 60 and higher!


Example of accounting bonuses for online.

If you have been staying in game for 8 hours, you receive:

  • 4 Manastones pouches;
  • 2 Composite manastones pouches;
  • 1 Enchantment stones pouches;
  • 1 Tempering Solution.

How the bonuses are accounted:

  • Bonuses will be sent right to the inventory, not to the mail.
  • Bonuses are accounted for the whole time in game, not only for unstoppable online!
  • You can changeyour character. Online timing affects every character separately and will continue after entering a specitif character.
  • You can leave the game and after the repeated entry, online timing will be continued.
  • This all means, that staying onlyne for 8 hours in a row is not necessary! If you enter the game 4 times during the day and stay each for 2 hours, you will receive all bonuses, including tempering solution. 

Bonuses can be changed without additional announcement!

Duration of the event isn't determined.

In case of it's ending, it will be announced!

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