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[Event] Wild Headhunting

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Hey, Daevas, are you ready for the season of "Wild Headhunting"?

It comes as unexpectedly as it ends. No one ever knows when it starts and when it ends. But while it is on, the whole Atreia will be lit with blood. The only way to stay alive is to join and embark on this bloody lunacy.

Every week 16 Daevas will be chosen, a high reward will be set for their heads. 

Who will become a hunter and who a victim today?

Task: find and kill a "victim" of Wild Headhunting. 


  • 16 Daevas participating in the hunting as "victims" from the special topic trough the application. If the number of applications is less than 12, then the remaining part will be chosen by the administration. 
  • One Daeva can participate in the unlimited number of hunting, but next but one. So a Daeva participated in the first week, cannot take part in the second, but only in the third.
  • Topic for applications.
  • The list of the Daevas participating in the hunting will be weekly published on the forum, in VK, in our community on Facebook, as well as in the game in poll.
  • Players can the list of killed and alive "victims" on the forum. Nickname of the killed Daeva will be scratched from the list.
  • "Hunters" are all the Daevas, not participating as "victims". 
  • The reward of "Wild Headhunting" is given to the first player, who kills a victim.
  • "Hunter", who kills the most of the victims, receives an additional reward and is appointed "King of Wild Headhunting".
  • Killing of a "victim" of Wild Headhunting  must be done outside any of the game events (sieges, free-will pvps and pvp events, including dredgeons/Silentera canyon/Arena). 
  • "Victims" can also participate in the hunting on the side of hunter and get rewards.
  • Violating of the server rules, forgery and deceiving administration will be punished. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.
  • Rewards will be given in the beginning of a new week, after a new victims list is published. 


  • For every "victim" a hunter will receive:
  1. Enchantment stone (lv. 130)
  2. 1 Ceramium medal
  3. Elite Greater Composite Manastone Chest (manastones from 1 to 5 pcs)
  • Hunter who killed the most of the "victims" will get:
  1. Enchantment stone (lv. 130)
  2. 2 Ceramium medal
  3. 2 Elite Greater Composite Manastone Chest (камни от 1-го до 5 штук)
  4. Tempering Solution

Accepting screenshots: 

Screenshots will be accepted in a special topic.

Form of publishing screenshots: 

  • Hunter's nickname
  • Victim's nickname
  • Time of killing and Chat (cousor must be on the time mark)

Good luck in hunting :)

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