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      [Конкурс] Признание в любви / [Competition] Declaration of Love   13.02.2019

      Друзья! Если вы ждете знака, чтобы сказать человеку слова любви, то вот он. В этом конкурсе вам нужно будет сделать Валентинку. Смело признавайтесь в любви тому, кому пожелаете – другу, любимой, легату или же совсем незнакомому человеку которого просто видели на осаде      Dear friends! If you are waiting for a sign to tell a person words of love, here it is. In this competition you must make a Valentine's card. Declare your love to anyone - a friend, a loving one, your legion leader or even to a complete stranger whom you have seen at the siege. 
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      РЕЙТЫ Х3   13.02.2019

      Давно ждали возможности быстро прокачаться? Вот она! Подробнее.  
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      День святого Валентина   13.02.2019

      Поздравляем всех с Днём Святого Валентина и приглашаем принять участие в игровых ивентах Подробнее:  

[Competition] New Year Happy Moments!

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Purrfect    40


Marie was ending hanging the last ball on a huge Christmas tree, set in the center of the Pandemonium. For today, her work on decorating the capital for the holiday has been completed.

- Oh, Almighty Aion, what a beauty! - Exclaimed murderer Shang appearing out of nowhere, an old friend of Marie's.

- Do you like it? I've been decorating it the whole day. - Boasted Marie, proud for her work.

-A lot! If only we could reserve such a beauty in the memories...

- This is very simple! – Marie clapped her hands and reached for her backpack, so comfortably left under the tree, – Just today I bought at shugo for a  heap of Kinah this thing, - she was fiddling with the camera. It can save moments, let's try it out?


Dear friends! When winter has come to its power, the capitals have been festively decorated, and only a few day are left before the New Year, we are launching the most long-awaited (Yes) competition of The New Year Screenshots!

The competition is in progress: from... to...

Announcement of the results:


Task: Create a screenshot reflecting the New Year's festive atmosphere.


  • Screenshot must be made specifically for the competition and match the relevant theme
  • One participant may publish several works (up to three), but the priority has one that was posted the earliest;
  • All screenshots must be placed in the spoiler;
  • Screenshots should be made without the interface (the interface is hidden with the F12 button);
  • Only cropping and color correction are allowed in the processing of screenshots (allowed: black and white screenshots, contrast and color adjustment, BUT the use of any brushes, textures and other graphic elements is prohibited). If the jury get any doubts about the use of prohibited processing methods, they are entitled request for the original screenshots (in case of refusal - disqualification). In order improve the quality of the screenshots in the game, you can put the blur type 1 in the settings;
  • Collages are prohibited;
  • No restrictions regarding the number of characters in the screenshot;


Acceptance of works:

  • Works must be published in the separate topic.
  • Each participant at the end of the publishing must specify their data: nickname, side (ely/asmo).



  • As a reward for winning in the competition you will receive:
  • 1st place - 1000 GCoins + Full premium account for 30 days
  • + any "remodeled skin" from the game (Even if it's not in the game shop. 1 piece)
  • 2nd place - 500 GCoins + Full premium account for 15 days
  • 3rd place - 300 GCoins + Full premium account for 7 days
  • The winners will be chosen by voting by the administration.
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