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Tournament "The Greatest Master" Begins!

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Purrfect    33

Beginning of the tournament "The Greatest Master" - waiting for all the participants and spectators!

Deadline for application 23:59 МСК 05.12.18.

  • First stage - 07.12.2018  19:30 МСК
  • Second Stage -  08.12.2018  18:00 МСК
  • Third stage (Final) - 09. 12. 2018 18:00 МСК


         Location of the carrying: Arenas in the capitals. Spectatorsare welcomed (without entering the arena itself).


Participants, who has applied till now:

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The first to fight is the Beginner League!

Those having no opponent automatically get to the second stage. 

Attention! Equippment for the Beginner league:

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  • Weapon - Discordant Weapon (Blood Marks) 
  • Armor - Fearless Skirmisher's Armor (Blood Marks) 
  • Accessory - Discordant Accessory (Blood Marks) 
  • Two-Handed weapon is allowed to fuse with:
  • Discordant + Danuar
  • Discordant + Discordant
  • Danuar + Discordant
  • Maximum enchantment lvl of the armor +5
  • Accessory must be not enchanted 
  • Wings and plums are not allowed! 
  • Composite manastones are not allowed! 
  • Godstones are not allowed! 



Every participant must have his details about equipment open! The participants are not allowed to close the details during the tournament!

Beginners Spiritmasters .

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Beginners Gladiators.

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Далее будут биться "Лига опытных бойцов"!


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All the opponents have been chosen by the special program. Those having no opponent get to the second stage automatically.  Those having no opponent in the second stage 0 get to the third. Please, do not be late and come to the tournament in advance.

In this topic the results of the fightings will be published. 

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GoldAion - the rules of the tournaments:
1.Main information
 1.1 Game version: GoldAion client version - 4.6.
1.2 The tournament is only available for a natural person that has completed game and forum registration. 
https://goldaion.com/and accepted user terms of service and license agreement.

1.3 Registering for the tournament, participant confirms that:
1.3.1 he/she fully accepts present rules and is obliged to implement them.
1.3.2 possesses all the necessary rights to participate in the tournament.
1.3.3 the information provided by the participant in accordance with the rules is complete and reliable.
1.3.4 he/she clearly understands terms and consequences of their actions and the applicable terms stipulated in the present rules.
1.4 Only the characters of the 65th level can participate in the tournament.
1.5 official rings for the competitions: Coliseum and Triniel Coliseum, located in the capitals, Inggison, Gelkmaros, Ativas' Hideout, Tatar's Hideout, Silentera Canyon.
1.6 tournament ring - server GoldAion.
1.7 during the match time the participant is obliged to come to the place of match in 20 minutes before its start and be in full combat readiness.

2. Format of the stages
2.1.1 Preliminary round. Carried out within the classes in the format of bo3. The stage ends after all the matches have been finished.
2.1 Second Stage. Carried out between the winners of both leagues within classes. Ends when the number of 11 winners have been reached (1 from every class). For this stage, players 
will recieve special gear from the Administration.  
2.1 Third stage Final competition. This stage is carried out between classes
2.1.3 The format of the stage is bo3
2.1.3 Th stage eds after all matches have been finished. The best 3 players get the title based on their tournament rank.

3.Format of the matches in the final and second stages.
3.1 All the matches are held according to the stage and round format.
3.2 Every match is participated by two players and the battles are held between each other.
3.3 before the beginning, players have 2 minutes to prepare.
3.4 The match starts with the command "!!!" (mark of exclamation) given by the referee holding the match.
3.5 Match is considered as lost if the opponent was defeated/HP of the opponent have reached its minimum.
 Participants are allowed to be late for no more than 5 minutes providing that they have notified the referee about the delay in 20 minutes before the beginning of the match. The delayed participant gets a warning.
All the matches are held under the supervision of the referees.
3.8 A break between the matches is 3 minutes.

3.9 Equipment

3.9.1 On the 1st stage players take part in the matches in the equipment they have.

3.9.2 On the 2nd and 3rd stages players take part in the equipment given by the Administration. 


4. Rematch is carried out only in the following cases:

Godstone activation (no more than 3 times in a row, otherwise - autodefeat)

use of prohibited skills (1 yellow card)

5. Prohibited:
5.1 the use of any bugs and the software code for the purpose of receiving benefits during the fighting.
5.2 use of third-party software (cheat engine, radar, etc.)
5.3 Obtaining positive and negative effects from the third-party players.
5.4 use of all resurrection skills, items, and their analogues.
5.5 Use of Guardian General transformation.
5.6 Use of flight during the combat.
5.7 Use of any dp-skills.
5.8 Use of any form candies.
5.9 Use of profanity, insults directed to the participants and / or judges and any actions that interfere with the conduct of the tournament.
5.10 Use of spheres/crystals of recovery (3/5K HP/MP, 3/5K HP, 3/5K MP)
5.11Use of recovery potions (5K HP/MP)
5.12 Use of the Fine Bracing Water
5.13 Use of any event items to restore HP, MP. 
5.14 Use of items on debuff removing. 
5.15 Use of the following skills in the battles within classes:


  • Ranger - Sleep Arrow I
  •  Sorcerer - Somnolence I
  •  Spiritmaster - Curse  of Fire I (Elyos) and Curse of Water I (Asmo)
  • Assassin - Calming Whisper IV
  •  Templar - Iron Skin I
  •  Gladiator - Wall of Steel I
  •  Chanter - Aetheric Field I (Asmo), Word of Spellstopping I (Elyos) and Word of Quickness
  •  cleric - Immortal Shroud I

6. disqualifications and disciplinary sanctions:
6.1 In case when a player has technical problems during the battle (disconnect, critical error) and the player does not return to the game within 5 minutes, he gets technical defeat. Further, depending on the decision of the referees, the fight can be replayed or not. 
6.2 In case if a player is caught on the intended use of disconnects to obtain personal advantages (rollback of skills, etc.), the participant will be disqualified on the referee's decision.
6.3 For violation of the paragraphs 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 disqualification from the tournament is provided.
6.4 For violation of the paragraphs 5.1.3-5.1.10 and 5.2.3-5.2.15, as well as for false start, a warning in the form of a yellow card is provided.
6.5 After accumulating two warnings in the form of yellow cards disqualification from the tournament is provided.
6.6 In case of absence of the player for more than 5 minutes from the arranged time of the beginning of the match, the participant receives a technical defeat (TD).
6.7 Decisions on disputable situations abot application or non-application of sanctions will be made at the discretion of the supervising and chief referees.

7. Appeals procedure:
7.1 If any participant has any questions regarding the combat he / she has just conducted, the participant may submit an immediate petition to the referees to conduct an investigation via in-game chat or Discord.
7.2 If during the fight one of the participants notices the opponent violating the rules, the fight must be continued to the end.Right after the fight, the participant can file a petition to the referees to conduct an investigation. As a result of the investigation, the judges deliver a judgement.
7.3 The judge's decisions on any situation, including those not described in these rules, are final and not subject for discussion.
7.4 Discussion of the final decision on any situation made by the tournament referee is the reason for the disqualification.

Bo3 system means that 3 fights are held up to 2 victories of one of the participants of the match.

Disqualification means immediate completion of the current battle with setting of technical defeat. In all the following games, the team also gets a technical defeat.



   Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

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