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    • Seeyou

      [Ивент] Дикая охота / [Event] Wild Headhunting   22.02.2019

      Хей, Даэвы, вы готовы к сезону «Дикой Охоты»? Он приходит так же внезапно, как и исчезает. Никто никогда не знает, когда он начнется и когда закончится.
      Но пока он идет – вся Атрея будет залита кровью. Единственный способ выжить – присоединиться к этому кровавому безумию. Каждую неделю будет объявлено 16 даэвов,за голову которых назначена особая, высокая награда. Кто же сегодня станет охотником, а кто жертвой?     Hey, Daevas, are you ready for the season of "Wild Headhunting"? It comes as unexpectedly as it ends. No one ever knows when it starts and when it ends. But while it is on, the whole Atreia will be lit with blood. The only way to stay alive is to join and embark on this bloody lunacy. Every week 16 Daevas will be chosen, a high reward will be set for their heads.  Who will become a hunter and who a victim today?  
    • GoldAion

      Бонусы за онлайн!   07.03.2019

      Находитесь в игре и получайте магические, волшебные камни и святую воду аугментации.
      Stay online and receive manastones, enchantment stones and tempering solution!  
    • GoldAion

      Новые внешние виды 4.75-4.8   21.03.2019

      В клиент сервера добавлены новые внешние виды из новых версий 4.75-4.8  

[Event] Easy start

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GoldAion    894


Welcome to GoldAion.com!

The story, which you will creat by yourself, is awaiting you: develop your character, join the communities of players, fight for the leadership of your race, become the first in the Glory Ranking of the server!

For easy growth, on certain levels you will get small presents, and on the first level you will already get Blessed weapon. 


1st level

Elyos: Kaisinel's Blessed Weapon

Asmodae - Marchutan's Blessed Weapon

9th level


10th level

12th level

18th level

30th level

35th level

50th level

57th level

63rd level

65th level


In additio to the above listed items, you will receive surveys
with a symbolic reward, namely
Lucky Vinna II:

The chance of obtaining items from hunting creatures increases by 5%
while this effect is active, and your movement speed, attack speed, and casting speed all increase by 2%.

This effect expires after 1 hour, upon which there is a 1 hour cooldown before you can use it again. 


Have a good adventure!



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GoldAion    894


Apart from the listed bonuses, every new player gets free Premium account for 7 days!

The offer is limited and available for new accounts. Hurry up and start playing right now!

Premium affects ALL characters on the account!



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