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      [Конкурс] Признание в любви / [Competition] Declaration of Love   13.02.2019

      Друзья! Если вы ждете знака, чтобы сказать человеку слова любви, то вот он. В этом конкурсе вам нужно будет сделать Валентинку. Смело признавайтесь в любви тому, кому пожелаете – другу, любимой, легату или же совсем незнакомому человеку которого просто видели на осаде      Dear friends! If you are waiting for a sign to tell a person words of love, here it is. In this competition you must make a Valentine's card. Declare your love to anyone - a friend, a loving one, your legion leader or even to a complete stranger whom you have seen at the siege. 
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      РЕЙТЫ Х3   13.02.2019

      Давно ждали возможности быстро прокачаться? Вот она! Подробнее.  
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      День святого Валентина   13.02.2019

      Поздравляем всех с Днём Святого Валентина и приглашаем принять участие в игровых ивентах Подробнее:  

[Event] Lucky Snowflake!

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GoldAion    852



Frosterinerk have been waiting for this exactly day the whole year. She liked winter and was sincerely happy to see the first snowfall. Most of all, however, she liked to share this winter happyness. She has prepared magic snowflakes which will bring presents to those Daevas, who enchant them.
Frosterinek went outside and started waiting. She knew that Daevas will definetely come to her.

Celebrate winter coming from November 26 until December 24. In this event snow will reach everyone of level 30+.


On the main squares of the capital cities Daevas will meet:
- Wintrinerk who gives the quest to gather  10 [Event] Opportunity Crystal
- Frosterinerk with a daily quest on 8 Snowflakes
- A Snowman with a daily reward of a Lucky Frosterinerk Bundle.

Quests are daily, uptade at 9 am (MSK)

From the Lucky Frosterinerk Bundle you can get one of the following rewards:

  • XP Boost Charm - 50%
  • Gathering Boost Charm - 200%
  • Crafting Boost Charm - 200%
  • AP Boost Charm - 30%
  • [Event] Frosterinerk's Amulet
  • Dye Bundle
  • Frosterinerk's Special Amulet - 20%
    Items are not tradable. The effect is applied both to the character and all group members  (lasts 30 min.; next use - 30min.)
    All the items of this group are stored for only 10 hours.

The target of the event is to enchant the Snowflake by double clicking.

All the quest items are tradable.

After opening Snowflake +10, you will  receive two fragments:
[Event] Snow Crystal and [Event] Aurora Fragment, combining them you will get  [Event] Prism


In the Prism you will discover one of the following rewards:

  • Noble Composite Manastone Box
  • Noble Fabled Godstone Box
  • Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll
  • [Event] Greater Felicitous Socketing Box
  • [Event] Weapon Shard Box
  • [Event] Dragon Lord's Weapon Chest
  • [Event] Hyperion's Wing Chest
  • [Event] Hyperion's Mythic Weapon Chest
  • [Event] Hyperion's Mythic Armor Chest

Items are dropped randomly. All the items, except the Wing Chest are tradable.

"Snow Crystal" can be also received while enchanting a snowflake (will a small chance).

If you wasn't successful in enchanting the snowflake to +10 you will receive 
[Event] Opportunity Crystal
10 crystals can be exchanged to 1 snowflake at Wintrinerk. Opportunity Crystals are untradable.


In addition you will randomly receive some of the following items after an unsuccessful enchantment (according to the level of renchantment):


Bundle of Opportunity:

  • 1 ancient coin
  • 3 ancient coins
  • Opportunity Crystal (100%) 

Bundle of Missed Opportunity:

  • 5 ancient coins
  • 10 ancient coins
  • [Event] Protectorate's Heroic Key Box
  • Opportunity Crystal (100%)

Bundle of Promising Opportunity:

  • 30 ancient coins
  • 40 ancient coins
  • Greater Felicitous Socketing Box (Eternal and Mythic)
  • Noble Fabled Godstone Box
  • [Event] Protectorate's Heroic Key Box
  • Mythic Weapon Tuning Scroll
  • Opportunity Crystal (100%) 

All the items except the opportunity crystals are tradable!


Opportunity Crystal will be sent by post for staying online every hour!
Snowflakes and Aurora Fragment can be got from the dungeons for killing bossed. The item is given to only one member of the group/alliance!

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Steel Rake (Brass-Eye Grogget,Engineer Lahulahu)
Dark Poeta (Chramati Firetail, Asaratu Bloodshade, Vanuka Infernus, Calindi Flamelord, Tahabata Pyrelord)
Draupnir Cave (Commander Bakarma)
Theobomos Lab (Unstable Triroan)

Adma Stronghold (Lord Lannok)
Abyssal Splinter (Abyssal Treasure Box, Abyssal Treasure Box)
Udas Temple (Nexus)
Lower Udas Temple (Debilkarim the Maker)
Esoterrace (Warden Surama)
Beshmundir Temple (Stormwing)

Raksang (Raksha,Raksha Boilheart)

Argent Manor     (Zadra Spellweaver)
Elementis Forest    (Jurdin the Cursed)
Sarpan Underground     (Debarim the Omnipotent)
Muada's Trencher    (Empress Muada)
Rentus Base (Brigade General Vasharti)

Tiamaranta    (Ativas Crystalline,  Golden Tatar, Governor Sunayaka, Разгневанный Сунаяка)
Dragon Lord's Refuge (Calindi Flamelord, Tiamat's Huge Treasure Crate)
Tiamat Stronghold (Tahabata's Treasure Chest)

Steel Rose Cargo (group) (Maintenance Chief Notakiki)
Steel Rose Quarters (group) (Accountant Kanerunerk)
Steel Rose Deck (group) (Captain Rumakiki)
Sauro Supply Base (Guard Captain Ahuradim, Brigade General Sheba)
Ophidan Bridge (Vera)
Infinity Shard (Hyperion)
Illuminary Obelisk (Test Weapon Dynatoum)

Danuar Reliquary (Enraged Queen Modor)
Danuar Sanctuary  (Warmage Suyaroka, Chief Medic Tagnu)

Congratulate you with the first winter days, Daevas!

Attention! Quest NPCs are set in the game until December, 24. All the event items after the ending of the event (after 24.12) will be removed. Snowflakes, prisms and other rewards will be reserved.

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