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    • Seeyou

      [Ивент] Дикая охота / [Event] Wild Headhunting   22.02.2019

      Хей, Даэвы, вы готовы к сезону «Дикой Охоты»? Он приходит так же внезапно, как и исчезает. Никто никогда не знает, когда он начнется и когда закончится.
      Но пока он идет – вся Атрея будет залита кровью. Единственный способ выжить – присоединиться к этому кровавому безумию. Каждую неделю будет объявлено 16 даэвов,за голову которых назначена особая, высокая награда. Кто же сегодня станет охотником, а кто жертвой?     Hey, Daevas, are you ready for the season of "Wild Headhunting"? It comes as unexpectedly as it ends. No one ever knows when it starts and when it ends. But while it is on, the whole Atreia will be lit with blood. The only way to stay alive is to join and embark on this bloody lunacy. Every week 16 Daevas will be chosen, a high reward will be set for their heads.  Who will become a hunter and who a victim today?  
    • GoldAion

      Бонусы за онлайн!   07.03.2019

      Находитесь в игре и получайте магические, волшебные камни и святую воду аугментации.
      Stay online and receive manastones, enchantment stones and tempering solution!  
    • GoldAion

      Новые внешние виды 4.75-4.8   21.03.2019

      В клиент сервера добавлены новые внешние виды из новых версий 4.75-4.8  

Happy Halloween

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The most terrifying night of the autumn Helloween is getting closer and closer!
In this night The Pumpkin King is awaking and his servants are gathering for the wild celebration in his honor




The King has been sleeping the whole year and weakened,
in order to get his strength back, he needs succumbed souls of Daevas.


He sends his servants to the different parts of Atreia and orders them to gather as many dwellers as possible.


Finding a victim the servants are endowing them with magic powers and the victim loses its true personality
and then the servants lead them to the dark lands.




Losing the soul from the King's hands the Daeva loses their personality for ever 
and remains as the creature serving to the King.


Daevas, your task is to find as many evidence evil deeds of The Pumpkin King as possible.

Screenshots and videos are accepted!

Works for the event "Нappy-halloween"



The Pumpkin King with his Assistant have settled in the capital cities and began to give out quests. Those, who complete them successfully will be rewarded.
But the quests must be finished till 11.11.2018 inclusively.

Where to get the quests?



1) Quests from The Pumpkin King.


2) Quests from The Charming Witch




1) Quests from The Pumpkin King.


2) Quests from The Charming Witch


What is the reward for the quests?


1) Quests from The Pumpkin King.

Pumpkin Hat
Pumpkin King's Present Box
Мешок тыквы

From the box and bundle you can get many useful items such as scrolls, manastones, potions, enchantment stones, etc.

There is also a Pumpkin King's Special Present Box.

2) Quests of the Charming Witch

Case of Harvest Revel Ale: Ale =)

[Event] Sugarcrook's pack: the appearance of "Enchanting Sorcerer Robe" (including all its parts), + gold, silver medal, paintings, Reviving Elemental Stone, scrolls, magical items and so on.

[Event] Witchy Mystery: same reward but the chance to get medals, attire, magical items is higher.то же, но возрастает процент получения медалей, внешки, магических камней.

[Event] Witch's Bundle: Manastones and enchantment stones, магические и волшебные камни, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (including all its parts)

[Event] Witch's Surprise: Manastones and enchantment stones, магические и волшебные камни, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (including all its parts)

[Event] Witch's Hoard: Manastones and enchantment stones, магические и волшебные камни, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (including all its parts)

[Event] Witch's Sack: Manastones and enchantment stones, магические и волшебные камни, Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe, Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (including all its parts)

The attires are available for every game class.
The timing starts after you apply the appearance to your gear.



Pumpkin Hat

Cotton/Velvet Sorcerer Robe

74c7a301cd16b28c1efef07a64a07356.png   7a4aa90a97aac1a896f25a36c5dfc214.png

c75b207e2871a484f3414f130a2ec7b8.png   c38c301722162f424b350c11e38c826e.png

Enchanting Sorcerer Robe (including all its parts)

bcb3dbceef337c8e36eb197f5cd55c46.png   1e8557d7c9ca3cde97549f9fe8e79232.png

95f0bc376df11fb137b1f31e62a284e0.png   ef6d4b1ae8a8896d9b6a5013004e905a.png

"Timing" for the expiring items





The whole troops have been not only stealing the souls for their King, but also robbering the houses of Daevas. Everything they have stolen, they put into the chests and hid them in the Silentera Canyon.


In the chests you can find the following:
Costumes - With these costumes you can imperseptibly approach a victim
Sweets - to befuddle even the most courageous  soldier
lolipops, which the King is craving so much for. After you bring them to the King, you will be rewarded.

You can get to the Silentera Canyon through the secret teleports, which stay disguised in the capitals.












For the Halloween
celebration we have updated the game shop!


A new category "Halloween" has been added. In contains various intems connected to the holiday.
These items will be available in the shop till 11.11 inclusively!

The duscounts of 50% have also been added for the goods connected to the theme of the holiday which were presented in our shop before.
The discounts will be on till  11.11 inclusively!

All the appearances presented in or shop can be accuired in the game while participationg in the event!





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