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Competitions results!

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Purrfect    54

Hello, dear players!

A bit delayed, but yesterday it was August 20, so we are announcing the results of our competitions in social media!

There were 3 competitions of "like and share" kind in social media: in VK, Facebook, Instagram.

Competition in VK:


1 winner - Макс Ahmed (Max Ahmed) 
2 winner - Денис Шевцов (Denis Shevtsov) 
3 winner - Юрий Степанишен (Yuriy Stepanishen) 

Video with the results:


Competition in Facebook:

Unfortunately, we couldn't find any working service to choose the winners from shared. What's more, facebook hides the pages of the users with special settings of privacy. So, from 20 participants, we could see only 6. In the future, we will make it different way. 

1 winner - Tsune Loki
2 winner  - Lunatia Aru
3 winner - Андрей Бартенев

Video with the results:


Competition in Instagram

As there weren't a lot of participants, we have decided to give prizes of 500 coins to all participants. Hope that everyone will be satisfied!


In order to get the reward, you must write to me (Purrfect) in PM! You must write your game nickname and make the screenshot, showing that you are the holder of the winning social media page.


Thank you for participation!

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