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Napalm    0

Hello, Songweaver asmodian name " QuantumPooh " from legion "Isane"  insult me this night without provocation. As you can see he or she told me  " daun go fuck your self bitch ".

I can't understand how people can have this conduit beacause they feel protected behind their screen.

I hope this conduit is not allowed by GOLDAION server and hope he will be sanctioned as it should be. I come to this game for fun and hope this incident will not happen again because younger player can be more offend and give them a bad way to follow...


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kaikoro    4

mdr, that's freedom of speech xD , if you don't like what someone is saying simply Black list them (block) . if the server banned everyone who ever told someone "go fuck your self, or something similar" , there will be no players left . as you said you're here for fun so why take childish words from Randoms so seriously :)

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