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  1. Insult

    mdr, that's freedom of speech , if you don't like what someone is saying simply Black list them (block) . if the server banned everyone who ever told someone "go fuck your self, or something similar" , there will be no players left . as you said you're here for fun so why take childish words from Randoms so seriously
  2. Ping issues

    most of the players from france have a ping of 50-70 , pingzapper/Wtfast is a Must i would say , almost everyone says their ping is really unstable without some sort of program
  3. Ping Issues

    i had the same problem , ping on Legend 116-130 but on Gold it was 100-300 , but after using Pingzapper , i have a constant ping of 120 on Gold . u can check before and after
  4. Racism

    its not really Racism , the majority of russians don't speak english and they really suffer when they take a non russian speaker into their group so they just choose to not deal with that sort of situation by "kicking" you or "not inviting you "to parties ,its always annoying when you start a server ,but after a while you'll meet the right kind of people and u will have a good time , just hang in there ^^
  5. shop suggestion

    isn't there a permanent one ? i'm not entirely sure but on AionLegend u get one for month if you sub to some useless twitch account of theirs . i really enjoy the looks as do a lot of people
  6. shop suggestion

    i just want the cosmetic effects of the Aura , i would prefer if they remove the stats ( that's what i understood from google translation at least )
  7. shop suggestion

    is there a possibility that the colorful ring around the player's character will be added as a permanent item u can buy from shop ?
  8. Races balance

    Asmodians are dominating in terms of numbers, from the online player counter on the website its 61 to 39 majority of the time, which is bad for sieges and OW pvp . is there any chance that GoldAion will give Asmodians a chance to change race to balance the population like NotAion did a while back or this option is entirely out of the question ?
  9. server have no consumables

    its a design for heaven sake , that helping us get that will facilitate the game for every one , a lot of people will acquire the design for sure but it will take forever , the server is still new and administration need to find a temporary solution for this . and its a ridiculous to capture A GOD DAMN FORT to get some potions to use for pve/pvp
  10. server have no consumables

    "Fine Recovery Serums" not potions*
  11. there is a massive shortage of "Fine Recovery Potions" on the broker , and when u find a little its INSANELY over priced , which is really annoying . i have been farming the design for a month and nothing drops , and the other way to get it is to do dailies that gives Shaper's Token [item: 186000133] , which you get 1 or 2 on a good day in addition to two weekly quest that gives 5 Tokens ( one 2 and the other 3 ) which will lead to acquiring the design in 2 and a half to 3 MONTHS !!! , its really bad that the game is lacking something so Vital , so i would like the administration to help us with extra quests or something that enable us to acquire more Token in a shorter period of time to speed up getting the design , which is no way game breaking or unfair but rather beneficial to everyone.
  12. API for user stats search

    this would be a great idea , i really hope admins approve of it
  13. we dropped an eternal bow in Abyss fort , i rolled on it by accident , and when i tried to trade it to glad it wouldn't , shouldn't there be a 15 min trading window ??
  14. housing system

    when will houses , mansions , estates and palaces be available for sale ? or they're non functional at the moment ?
  15. healing delay

    its still happening but not as often , like 3/4 times its ok , then one time the delay is like a massive 5 second