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      [Конкурс] Признание в любви / [Competition] Declaration of Love   13.02.2019

      Друзья! Если вы ждете знака, чтобы сказать человеку слова любви, то вот он. В этом конкурсе вам нужно будет сделать Валентинку. Смело признавайтесь в любви тому, кому пожелаете – другу, любимой, легату или же совсем незнакомому человеку которого просто видели на осаде      Dear friends! If you are waiting for a sign to tell a person words of love, here it is. In this competition you must make a Valentine's card. Declare your love to anyone - a friend, a loving one, your legion leader or even to a complete stranger whom you have seen at the siege. 
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      РЕЙТЫ Х3   13.02.2019

      Давно ждали возможности быстро прокачаться? Вот она! Подробнее.  
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      День святого Валентина   13.02.2019

      Поздравляем всех с Днём Святого Валентина и приглашаем принять участие в игровых ивентах Подробнее:  


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  1. Danuar Mysticarium S Rank 6 box(Sillus fort)

    Agreed, It is always in the last cell. When I made this video on Gold Aion server I had not ran this dungeon in 4 years and just forgot. I realized this was the case after a few more runs but did not want to change the video.
  2. [ATTENTION] Changes entering game!

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You fixed left mouse button rotate camera bug! Thank you so much!!!! (Yes, this excitement is real. I had to adjust my entire way of looking around.) Take my moneh!
  3. Endgame Gear Progression

    1. There are 3 dailies in Katalam and 3 in Idian Depths (underground, but lets call it by the name it is now). Trading BM for AC is indeed a very good way to get coins as you can get 540 per week, per character, for doing the 19 camps. So if you have two characters at lvl 65, that is 1080 AC per week. Leveling is fairly easy these days, so perhaps you would like to have more than 1 character (many do). Also, doing the daily for manastones/AC daily on each 65 is a good way to make money (as well as pink quests and selling/using the manastones). A good way to get AC is to buy them from other players. As you run your instances and break gear for enchant stones, get drops, sell event items etc., you will make a good amount of money. If you farm in ID (Idian Depths) for 1 hour, you might only make 6m (6kk) in pure drops, but it is likely you will make another 30-50m in items such as Mystic Accessory Flux, or Ancient manastone crit/magic boost etc. A few hours of farming there will allow you to buy many AC. Farming in ID with the sole purpose of gaining AC by drops is a bad way to go about things. What AC you get as drops there should only supplement what you are going to buy. 2. Many people still do Kahrun weeklies. This is a good end-game healing set still (because it has heal boost and CONCENTRATION). None of the 65 sets have concentration. Kahrun is one of the best sets for clerics. If you plan on doing a lot of healing then the Kahrun set is very good for you (and the chain gloves have cast speed 8%). As a chanter though, this is not required. Also, many people also run Raksang daily x5 because you get a lot of Kahrun symbols this way. In Russian the dungeon will be called Тамарэс. 3. Getting AP for stigmas in 4.6 is much easier than before. You can farm for keys (normal mobs drop keys or keymasters) in Tiamarantas Eye when it is open. Farming in Idian depths will actually net you a good amount of AP per hour. If you have the premium pack for extra AP it is even better, but without it you will still get 30-90k per hour depending on your farm speed. There are small AP chests in certain areas in Tiamaranta and Sarpan that give AP and require no key at all. You will have to look up a guide on that as it is too lengthy to explain in this forum post. Dredgion is also a good way to go, as even a loss will net you ~15-20k. 4. As a new chanter you should be prioritizing PvE gear. It is is important to be able to run PvE so that you may get kinah and drops. When people run Infinity Shard (hyperion), DR (Modor/Grendel), IO (tower), EB (bastion) etc., they want to take a support chanter. This means you need HP gear and support stigmas. My creds--I run every instance on this server. I can tell you right now if you go full AP at/crit as the other guy suggested you will 1. (take forever to get there because lack of money/cera) and 2. (be missing out on a LOT of daily/weekly stuff because no groups will take you).
  4. Aurora drop rate nerf

    Hey all.. So this event has been fairly fun. It has gotten my legion and myself out farming more instances, especially low level stuff. It gives us 1-2 extra hours per day to play in Gold Aion. However, the past few days have been... different. The drop rate in Adma for the past 2 days between a few of my characters is 37 (16, 11, 10) runs and 0 Auroras. This is VERY low compared to what it was when the event first started. I have even tried using the 50% drop rate amulets. If a drop rate will be nerfed that is OK, but please let us know if something is changed because right now many of my legion feel like we have wasted several hours of farming and now will no longer continue to do so.
  5. Danuar Mysticarium S Rank 6 box(Sillus fort)

    Can a moderator please move this to the guides and tips section. This is an S rank and box guide for Danuar Mysticarium (Sillus Fort Instance).
  6. Voting not showing up on website.

    Fix this problem please. I have voted again, and it doens'tregister. No, my vote is not a fraud, thanks.
  7. Voting not showing up on website.

    Voting hasn't been showing up (or giving coins) on the website now for 3 days. The last day my profile registered my vote was on 11/19.
  8. Danuar Mysticarium S Rank 6 box(Sillus fort)

    I made a video of me doing S Rank Sillus with a few edits for boxes and such. I do not cover every runic codex or hidden mob spawn (you will figure it out soon enough). 3-4 years ago I made a video of this as glad--I'd like to post as much content from Gold Aion as possible to promote it. Enjoy.
  9. Perento is bugged

    I ended up contacting Purrfect on discord. They said it will be fixed after the restart. The bug is that no quests were showing.
  10. Perento is bugged

    Perento in Heiron is bugged. A few of my legion mates were having problems picking up quests from him. I went to test this and logged one of my characters who had never picked up a quest from him and he has no quest, only the text "Faith and Arms."
  11. Question about the Crafting System

    You never did actually ask a question. You may have 2 expert crafts (400+) and 1 master (500+) per character.
  12. Dragon (Elyos)

    Dragon is now recruiting. We are an Elyos based English-speaking legion. The requirements to join are that you: 1. . Speak English 2. Do not beg or spam for help in legion chat (asking once is ok, asking 4 times is not)—People are often busy with their own tasks. 3. Treat other legion members with respect We have a strong core-group of 65’s at the moment and a smattering of players covering all range of levels. Our goals are to enjoy the game as it was in 4.6. For many of us, the newer patches of 5.x and 6.x destroyed much of what we enjoyed about Aion. Come, and share your goals with us, we can obtain them together. Currently, Dragon has the largest concentration of English-speaking players on the server. PM Blackout or Boon, or any of the Dragon members you may encounter along your journey.
  13. MKA, Sillus, etc.

    When a faction owns a fortress they receive much more ceramium medals than the opposing faction. This is a huge benefit itself. The instances within each fortress should be open to all. I know it can be done because on NA we have had events where they put MKA entrances in our Abyss base, and Sillus fortress, Silona Fortress and Pradeth fortress, entrance in the base in Katalam. -Also, these are daily things to do. Running MKA keeps players ONLINE--and it gives them something to do. Same with running Silona and Sillus.. Also--this is a huge patch to not run Sillus (this is where most of our composites come from)-just check our broker and see there are almost no composites on there now. This has nothing to do with the past event, it is because we lost Sillus over a week ago now.
  14. Онлайн маленький

    I translated much of what has been written here and I wanted to share some thoughts. The first is that players do not necessarily play games like they did 10 years ago. Too many games come out and it is normal for people to change games every few months. A drop in population after a launch is to be expected and happens with ALL games (WoW expansion, Path of Exile 2 weeks after new league etc). Most players want to play the ‘new’ thing, have their experience and then they get bored and move on to something else—it does not necessarily mean there is a problem with the game. Second—I have seen complaints about the shop before, but I do not see a problem. I went to another private server to check and have seen them literally selling kinah and pvp weapon and armor (and everything else). There is a BIG difference. The items we have in our shop are good and people should not complain about an occasional sale that brings in different items. Third—how many of you have played other online games? Many games have a ranking system (or ladder). So does Aion. One problem that Aion has always had is that its ranking system never resets—but ALL other games with ranking systems reset. The glory point mechanic is flawed and people do not lose enough each day (plus they disappear off the ranking after a certain time, 30 days I believe, and when they come back they get their points). If there was one thing that should change about Aion is that the ladder should be reset on a set schedule. What about gear? Well, that gives players something to look forward to (getting their rank back or farming a new set). Once a player is on top, a new player can never catch up if the old players continue. Fourth—not everyone plays Aion for pvp. I do think that the combat and pvp in Aion can be very fun, but there is also a gear and ping factor that can make it un-fun. I play with a bit high ping because I am from NA so I usually do not engage in it here (although I will occasionally siege). I love Aion pve with the kiting, weaving, and different mechanics of end-game instances. It is rarely just tank-n-spank, and there is always a chance of failing if your group does not know the fight or have the gear. In many games when you queue up for an end-game instance, you know with 100% certainty that you will pass—but not in Aion (unless you already know your group). That is why people can get so strict about who they let join. Which brings me to my Fifth point—it is ok to take a short time to have someone who speaks English and Russian explain something to an English-only speaker. Too many times I have been rejected from dungeons. I asked my friend why and he said “it is because your client is in English.” Many English speakers do not play because it is hard to get into groups. I know that we need to do a better job at consolidating our people; and we tried, but a certain guild leader threw everything away after two weeks and the legion basically disbanded with the group fractured (some siding with the old guild leader and others moving on). Normally this would not be a problem, but when the English-speaking community was already small it is devastating. I am going to give you a tip for bringing people into a run like Bastion that we used to use in NA if people did not know it (because there are so many people). In each group we mark 1 person (especially useful for all groups but defense). We tell the new players STAY WITH THIS MARK (heart, skull, arrow etc.). This makes it very easy for new players to go where they are supposed to. (You really do not need to use discord). For groups 2 and 3 do not mark the player making the pulls, mark the player who knows where to stand. Done. Sixth—Another Aion mechanic that can be troublesome (and has been part of the game since I started playing in 1.5 (this is what patch launched in NA/EU in 2009). When one faction dominates another faction it can cause problems (even in Korea). Players do not like being shut out of content (even if it is game design, it is bad game design). We have players who love to run Void Cube (Silona fortress instance)—some like to run Danuar Mysticarium (Sillus fortress instance) for composite manastone bundles, and others like to run Upper Abyss forts (KMA) for abyss points and ceramium medals. But these options for daily fun are completely gone. The faction who owns the fort already gets more ceramium medals (and this should be their benefit, it is a very large one). I would like to see that the instances inside these forts are opened up for all—it is possible, I have seen events on NA where the entrances to these instances are placed in Katalam and their respective Abyss bases. Lastly—the admin on the server have thus far done a great job. I have submitted a problem twice now and had a fast and fair resolution. I have also watched them fix events that were problematic. I doubt these people are getting paid for their time either—and eventually they will not want to deal with the problems if they become too much. What we need is more productive discussions and less finger-pointing. I would try to translate this into Russian with google-translate, but sometimes it does not translate accurately, so i will not.
  15. Aion character/gear builder

    Google translate isn't the best - thought I would try anyway.