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  1. Insult

    Ok no problem I will do that but the second aren't a Pm is a Insult in group tchat. If people can insult all in group tchat or alliance tchat the blocklist is useless. but thanks for see my ticket. Cordially, Antooo.
  2. Insult

    You have the full screenshot now, cordially, Antooo.
  3. Insult

    тигрьІ and MlinaM of legion Insane insult me because I don't give a lead to him and I've afk 5 min before give the lead finally. I don't know why people aren't patient and are forced to insult people for nothing and loose it's part of the macanism of the game like win. So this conduit don't have his place on GoldAion we need fun and not Insult. I hope you do that you will do the necessary to prevent this from ever happening again, Cordially, Antooo.
  4. Insult

    What asmodian of CanYouSeeME insult me because we loose an arena together. I think this behaviour haven't his place in this game and that's why I did this ticket thank you to read this topic . Cordially ! antooo