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  1. Information on the new server

    Perfect then, also join our discord server to be in touch with other players as well some of the staff members :
  2. Information on the new server

    Hello ! I hope you and your friends are from EU zone so you can enjoy a good ping on our server, otherwise the ping wont be the best for you, but you are still more than welcome here
  3. Information on the new server

    Hello ! We are more then happy that you support our project, everyone is welcomed here
  4. Information on the new server

    Hello, not yet ! I know it's hard to wait, but please be patient
  5. Information on the new server

    Hello, it's gonna a be a new one.
  6. Information on the new server

    Hello, 1. The new server will be dedicated to english players mostly, if you are russian and know the english language you are welcome as well. 2. Yes we think it's a good idea, why not ? We received a lot of request about this server for english audience and we think its a good idea. 3. The population currently is not so great in the current server, everyone waits for the English server. 4. We expect a lot of players, but i can't tell you an approximative number of players. We hope everyone will enjoy our server and invite their friends to play 5. Yes we expect a lot of English players as the request for this server was very high. 6. Yes also i recommend you to wait for the english server. Please keep in mind this : New server will be a completely new one. It will be clean, separate from the existing Russian server; It will not be connected to the Russian server in any way; There will be no transfer of accounts from the existing server; No transfer of characters; No transfer of coins; Everyone will start the game from the very beginning, with new accounts and characters. Buying and selling accounts is prohibited.
  7. Information on the new server

    The waiting will be worth
  8. Information on the new server

    Hello, as Purrfect said, if nothing extraordinary happens we expect to release in September.
  9. Information on the new server

    Thank you ! Sure i will do
  10. Information on the new server

    I will take care of the whole English part in the upcoming server 4.6. Playing with you guys, taking feedback, managing the discord server, the forum. Admin/mod, don't know yet. I should receive my role soon
  11. hello guys i am checkvil

    Hello, i guess it works
  12. Information on the new server

    Of course, i just started my job, i didn't receive my role yet, but i will handle the english community my self ! I promise to do the best and offer you the best support and answers to your questions !
  13. Information on the new server

    Hello, that is now a Russian only server, the new server will be only for the English players, so expect only english and high population !