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  1. Helping to open new server.

    I can help you regarding Spanish stuff, but I don't have the spanish 4.6 client. I'm NoobGlad ingame.
  2. Seems like y'all got it right. Spasiva GoldAion admins you are doing your job right. I'm looking forward to EU server, until then, I won't be playing Aion. Valkiria and lots of other people... I remember applying to russian bastion alliance, and having an answer from Slam63 saying that "we have our own gladis" while being 23/24 in alliance, only having 3 glads, and searching for dps. Also these people didn't want any english in their Hyperion alliance, pure russians. I'm so glad they left the server for that 4.8 dogshit.
  3. We need your opinion!

    Hello, Just wanted to quickly write down my opinion on the new server, and how I'd like it to be. These are the features that I'd include: 4.75 PATCH: In this patch (including 4.7) there's lots of changes to maps, adding Akaron and Kaldor, so there's lots of more things to do. For example, there's Kaldor sieges, there's Beritra's Invasions, there's Pangea, there's Akaron Agents, Runatorium, lvl 65 Divine Fortress sieges, etc. Also, there's new enchanted sets (Runatorium, hyperion, etc), new craftable weapons, and the most important, the breakthrough system. This allows players to +20 their gear, making gear progression take a longer time, which i think that is good, but it shouldn't take players more than six months to fully max their gear. BIG PVP EVENTS: Such as raid bosses, arena events, and all of that. I think that they will bring more people to the server, and having some people upload the fights in youtube and streaming would have a big impact in the population of the server. You have to encourage people to get PvP rewards by actually doing pvp, not just jumping in Pande and then selling temperings for 200kk. GP RESETS: I'd do them every three months, although every two months is still good, to balance a bit the server. Since 4.75 has lots of other ways for you to obtain gp, you could even lower this to a month and a half or so. GP resets are a must for the server. CONTROL RACE IMBALANCE: I think that this a must for a healthy server, you just can't have a 2:1, or 3:1 asmo-to-elyo ratio, just like we had some months before, and during the hole history of the server. MAKE TEMPERINGS HARD TO GET: Make them drop at events, such as raid bosses or arenas, but only like 5-10% probability. Also, on these events, make people get Dragon King's Weapons, but at a double or so probability to drop than Temperings. BM EXCHANGE: Probably like 600-800bm for DK's Weapon, and have some other rewards for BM. I think that's all for me, I've thought about this a lot and spoke to some friends about it, and they have pretty much the same opinion as me, specially on the 4.75 patch thing. I know that you said that you weren't going to update it, but really, i think that it will make for a special server (since there's no other 4.75 server active and european). Best regards, NoobGlad/Gladerino
  4. After updating to the new client, i can't play with shugo console (it doesnt apply the changes to the fov) in 64bit. in 32bit, it works good. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. Stack at Journeyman Cooking level 399

    They are in pande/sanctum crafting area, in the main npc for your crafting
  6. Insult

    So i wanted to go to sauro with my friend, and this templar guy refused to let me in his group (they were 4 people, while I am a gladiator), and said to him that if I werent invited to the group my friend would just leave. (nothing personal, we wanted to go my friend (gmurcia) and I (NoobGlad)) He just said, from what i could understand, "no russian, so fuck off." (what i could read, no russki - idi nahui) correct me if im wrong. all of this because i wanted to play with my friend, lol. thanks for your attention.
  7. NoobGlad stream

    https://www.twitch.tv/paur23 English/Spanish stream
  8. Ping problems

    Yeah, now the ping seems better, but it's still way more unstable than before. I link you two photos, one was in 18th April and the next one is today afternoon. I'm from Catalonia, Spain, and I haven't changed my provider, anything like that. I still use the same PC, same settings.
  9. Ping problems

    When i was testing the new proxy (around in April) i was getting 80-90ms, and now that i came back to the game i'm getting around 130-160ms. Is there anything I can do to make sure that i have the proxy enabled? Thank you.
  10. Shop payments

    Okay, thanks.
  11. Shop payments

    Hello, i recently joined the server and I wanted to buy some items in the server shop, but since i'm not 18, i cannot donate. I was wondering if you could add a payment system like Paysafecard that doesn't make use of a credit card, so people like me can spend money too. Thanks, IGN: NoobGlad, Asmodian.