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  1. First of all im sorry if this is the wrong forum's section to post, I've just some questions for your Staff about the current patch exct. 1. Why did you choose 4.6 patch and not 4.7 with Akaron and Kaldor maps + Invasion exct, wasn't that more funny and balanced? Even for skins like Popoku and Chapir , Fire dragon king PvP Event, I know there're some things who may don't like, MS Set from Invasion exct. but atleast is something more balanced for all classes and for sure more funny. 2. Will you patch the client in the future to 4.7 , i don't mean 4.8+ That's the real bad patch , but atleast 4.7?
  2. Aether Bot

    I'll leave the screenshot here, can't upload the video at moment , feel free to check and ban the main account and this bot, he was clearly botting aether , location 0/60 mobs Stigma ingisson quest, ban him as soon as possible, thanks. I'll tryed to whisper him but no reply, even no group accept or trade, automatically declided after some seconds.