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  1. Технические работы!

    cheers keep on the great work guys
  2. Maintenance 12.03.2019

    Hope it will go smooth take it easy guys
  3. Name - Solies. Age - 24. Skype (required) - wael Daouas. Experience and the couple of private ones. The main race (with us) on which you play - Asmodian. GM / EGM / HGM Experience -i'have been a game master on aprevious aion private server project for 2 months,that's the duration of the server sadly it has been shut off for some technical reasons,i'have been also a Game master on a world of warcraft server for 6months, all my work as a game Master has beenin-game, iperformbetter when close to players. Indicate the desired GM / EGM position - Prefer EGM for the reasons. If you're a little girl, you'll have. have a great day