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  1. We need your opinion!

    content in a short time, means that server will last a short time, the mmoprg are based on the achievement of the end gear, when you reach it in a month then usually the game is abandoned we saw goldaion that after 5 months he was dead, a any bug but dead, because the players had no reason to play, to craftig, to economy, because they had everything, and so I didn't even log in anymore, the mmo are not battleroyal i love open world pvp, but if no player needs to play in the maps, the pvp will do it in 20 playes, as we saw on goldaion. The pvp is nice if there are players, the end gear is useless. I want player in front katalyze, which make garrisons, which go into the underground for the ancient coins , if we will have everything in a month, we will log in only to stay at san ctum / pandemonium into coliseum. this is my opinion for me aion by gameforge is a retroserver not goldaion.
  2. We need your opinion!

    An approximate date, can we know it? July August September?
  3. We need your opinion!

    the players play on aion legend because reaching the end game without spending real money is very long but is ptw
  4. We need your opinion!

    I'm afraid this server won't be open, no information for weeks now, they said that in June they would open it, but June is ending without any new information
  5. We need your opinion!

    for me event are good, i want what i wrote and tounaments or ranking list with adequated rewards .
  6. We need your opinion!

    ok, but then don't complain on the forum, when you see the desert, after bastion and the siege
  7. We need your opinion!

    no. wonder half ceranium and ap in the siege and a bastion, and the exchange with the bm to take ceranium and enchant and serum. What you didn't take in bastion and in the siege, you recover it if you do the garrisons. These seem to me very easy to do. so the players won't log in just to do bastion and siege, but they will populate the game at all hours
  8. We need your opinion!

    I remember gold aion at the beginning, those who didn't have an ally to do bastion, left the game because they saw the full abyss players +15 in 20 days.
  9. We need your opinion!

    I want the set to be done in the katalam, I said I would like the bm to be exchanged for ceranium and enchant. Garrisons must be fundamental to the game. For me the set end game is also fine in 10 days, but not being locked in bastion, but doing pvp open word, and doing ap in to the eye of tiamaranta
  10. We need your opinion!

    I only ask that the players cannot reach the end game, simply doing bastion and siege, who wants the pvp set end game must do it in open world Then you can also put 10 days, if the player is good, I prefer to take the ceranium with the arenas, or with the pvp, and only in a small part closed in a pve instance, because I want to see the players in open world
  11. We need your opinion!

    I proposed to exchange the bm, with enchant, serum, and other in fact. when you finish the set, you will find new players who will do the garrisons, with which to do pvp we all played gold aion, I did the set end game in a month, the katalam was empty, we forgot? not even the serum event could repopulate it. tell me what is the point of making the set bm, if I can make the abyss in a month. What is the point of doing katalamyze, if I have the set abyss +15.
  12. We need your opinion!

    I'm not interested doing pvp with the set end game, in 4.6 I was able to do pvp at high levels even with the abyss 50, or set bm, what I want is that there are players, many in katalam, because of this patch I only like that. But is my opinion. then I am in favor of the pvp rankings, but I am tired of useless event.
  13. We need your opinion!

    talk about things you don't know, aion legend is not retail version 4.6, set +20 can do it and more. As you wish the game will fail after a month, what is the katalamyze set for, if you have the set abyss 65 +15 with double manastones? when after a month of bastion pve I will be full set abyss + 15, you will not need any pve instance, because you will find the end game weapon at bastion pve, like everything else.
  14. We need your opinion!

    you don't know aion, aion needs trade, crafting, economy, if you give everyone the set end game in a month, nobody will need events, because they will already have everything. History already seen on gold aion, events made them 20 players. If you want to do only duels, I repeat, not aion is the game for you. Aion retail version is pvp/pve. you have to force the players to do pvp, otherwise they won't do it and we will always be the usual twenty to do it. i repeat pvp needs the same set, not the set end game. those who will be bored to do the set, are the same ones who will leave the game when they have the final set. Because, maybe aion is not the game for them all mmorpgs are abandoned when the end game is reached, because the mmo is based on reaching the set end game, especially if the patch is always the same. Those who love to do pvp with the set end game immediately prefer battle royals also official aion, when they delay too much a new patch they abandon the game because they don't know what to do ,then they return when the new patch arrives ,. But gold aion will always be 4.6. proposed to do on the website, a market for bm, so you can exchange bm for enchant, serum, mount and other I want those who arrive at the end game, then can find players with which to do pvp in the katalam and undergound. But the end game must have the right time and must not be reached with the only bastion pve e siege, but doing pvp in the open world. history already seen on gold aion, the players logged only to make bastion and siege and then only the desert