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  1. Game Download horribly slow

    Seems I cant edit my post however this is the only thing putting me off as I just calculated that even if it stays at a stable .5mb/s it is going to take me about 5 days to download the game using the torrent or the main download. Is there nothing that can be done or another location to get the 4.6 client? Surely this puts off potential players when they see it is going to take between 5 days and a week to download just the client? I wonder if this is a sign of the sort of connection we get in the game itself or is it more stable?
  2. Hi, Apologies for the generic question that likely doesn't have much of an answer other than 'wait'. I have 40-50mb internet speeds but the launcher is downloading the game between 0.4 mb/s and 1.1mb/s, is this really as fast as it can go? I have tried the torrent too but thats only got 0.450 of a seed apparently and takes even longer. This is not related to my web itself as everything else works fine including other downloads, I have firewall and AV turned off or on exceptions and nothing else is downloading on my connection. It is not a major issue as it will complete eventually but is quite painful to get the client unless there is somewhere else I can downlaod the 4.6 client anyone knows of? Thank you