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  1. Livo from legion GODS using hack

    well I was in hide in Katalam and this guy putted target on me and don't tell me this is a bug, they were in groupe with aethertech and that guy used AOE skill to get me out from hide I did not succeed to make any video or print screen but at least I want you to keep in mind and take the necessary measures, thank you, I hope you will do the best what you can.
  2. Server location ping

    hi I want to ask for some one to give me a good DNS address to improve my ping, thanks
  3. server have no consumables

    yes but we need design, in official server dropped in Rentus here is almost impossible to get that design, to get him with coins? you need to farm 1 year day after day, is really bad that, is not possible to change that? to put design in shop or something?
  4. Hi GoldAion

    @Heatbeat I know you from grendal, I was in your legion I worked like translator from Russia to English and Romanian {name:Spartac;} so I can do the same now but I started to play just yesterday and no one from your legion don't want to answer me, but is okay.
  5. Hi GoldAion

    Hi all, I just want to ask you to make streams about this server in english language, is the best free server, so will be very nice if we can finde more english speakers, and I want to thanks you for this great job, is like a dream become true for me, easy to donate easy to understand everything