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  1. Server down?

    I've asked the same thing in discord
  2. Cube Guide (Elyos)

    Now we need one for the Asmo side
  3. Looking for a Legion

    Hello i'm in search of a Home on this server English speaking PVE legion Asmo, used to play live and Beta back in the day just coming back this year, ign is swingstick asmo side. Thank you
  4. Does it worth?

    Hey I started playing Aion when it was in Beta on Official sever many years ago and then stopped, I went back to play and did not like the new look. I have checked out many other Aion Private servers but they all had Bugs or Play to Win Stores where you can be very overpowered. Found this one the other day and downloaded there patcher and so far I'm impressed, this is the style of Aion I loved back in the early days a little bump in rates but all quest and actions so far and Official like leveling. Glad I found this server.
  5. We're in Discord!

    Thank you so Much
  6. We're in Discord!

    Hello I tried joining your discord server using the web app listed above, it's not working for me can you send me the discord address so I can put it into my discord client and join thanks