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      [Ивент] Дикая охота / [Event] Wild Headhunting   22.02.2019

      Хей, Даэвы, вы готовы к сезону «Дикой Охоты»? Он приходит так же внезапно, как и исчезает. Никто никогда не знает, когда он начнется и когда закончится.
      Но пока он идет – вся Атрея будет залита кровью. Единственный способ выжить – присоединиться к этому кровавому безумию. Каждую неделю будет объявлено 16 даэвов,за голову которых назначена особая, высокая награда. Кто же сегодня станет охотником, а кто жертвой?     Hey, Daevas, are you ready for the season of "Wild Headhunting"? It comes as unexpectedly as it ends. No one ever knows when it starts and when it ends. But while it is on, the whole Atreia will be lit with blood. The only way to stay alive is to join and embark on this bloody lunacy. Every week 16 Daevas will be chosen, a high reward will be set for their heads.  Who will become a hunter and who a victim today?  
    • GoldAion

      Бонусы за онлайн!   07.03.2019

      Находитесь в игре и получайте магические, волшебные камни и святую воду аугментации.
      Stay online and receive manastones, enchantment stones and tempering solution!  
    • GoldAion

      Новые внешние виды 4.75-4.8   21.03.2019

      В клиент сервера добавлены новые внешние виды из новых версий 4.75-4.8  


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  1. Asmodian characters creation closed

    Hello, dear players! Today we have come with the decision to close the opportunity of creation asmo-characters. The reason for this is the growing disbalanсe between sides. Registration will be closed for an undetermined period of time, until we see positive dynamics of Elyos growth on the server. Answering further questions - transfer of characters from one side to another won't be open! Previously we have already used these methods and it brought some good results. That time we opened an opportunity to create asmodian characteres for 1 hour once a day. Possibly, if it is necessary for some new players coming to play with specific asmo legions or for asmo-legions joining our server, we will do the same. In this case, please, contact with us in this topic or via private messages. Thank you for attention and have a great time in game! P.S. In view of our previous practices: We would like to give a separate word for those selling their asmo-accounts. For such actions full ban of all game accounts on the server will be set, together with the restrictions for entering the game further.
  2. Extend polearm morph

    Oh, it's Vera for asmos
  3. Extend polearm morph

    Hello, Katalam, Irigani Keep
  4. [ВАЖНО] Обновление клиента!

    The link in our group in Facebook has also been published.
  5. [ATTENTION] Client Update

    Update of the game shop! This night [22.03.2019] an update was installed on the server. This update allows to use items from the higher versions of the game. In order to be able to see the new items and use them, the client must be updated. It is installed automatically by our launcher when pushing "play" button in 99% of all cases. The size of the update is only 6Mb. However, on some of the systems there can be problems with automatic update (because of anti-viruses or any other programs). In order to check wheater the update was successfully installed, do the following steps: go to GoldAion\Data\russia\items, in this folder you will find a file named "items.pak". The size of the updated item must be 6269 Kb. If it isn't so, then you must update the file manually, following this link: items.pak This update provides an opportunity to use the items from the versions 4.75 and 4.8 on our server. We are not planning to add items with stats! At large, the update is directed to expand the range of remodels by adding those from new versions. The first update with new remodels has already been made! You can get more details by the link. In the future, the range of goods will be expanding further. We are going to once again go over the topic, which you've been leaving your requests in, and will add those items, the usage of which is now possible. Also, you can leave your new requests in the same topic in the same topic. Thank you for attention and have a great time in game!
  6. Possible event to make Goldaion the best server

    Hello, Sorry for such a late response, we have taken note of these suggestions and some of them could be useful and may be realised on the server. Thank you. Regards
  7. Temperin Solution

    Hello, You should try to remember where you could use it. Our client isn't modified from the part of items and their usage, the solutions couldn't just desappear from your inventory. Regards
  8. Temperin Solution

    Hello, Items cannot just disappear, particularly this way. What do you mean by"pg" though?
  9. Maintenance 21.03.2019

    Hello, dear players! This night, on 21.03 at 2 am MSK (12 am CET) the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  10. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Beritra treasures awaiting you! Beritra Legions were moving the treasures of their lord, but in a hurry they lost a lot of chests on the roads of Danaria. So what can be found among these treasures... DANARIA On the paths of Danaria one can find chests with rewards. They are scattered all around the location and stay open to the eye right on the roads. No key is needed to open the chests. From the chest you can obtain: Hide contents Tempering Solution Святая Enchantment Stone Lv.90 Enchantment Stone Lv.100 Enchantment Stone Lv.110 Enchantment Stone Lv.120 Enchantment Stone Lv.130 Power Shard: +50 (100%) Manastone Pouch (Green Manastones Lv.60) (100%) Changes will be available in game from 19.03 to 31.03 inclusive Thank you for attention and have a greate time in game!
  11. Maintenance 20.03.2019

    Hello, dear players! This night, on 20.03 at 2 am MSK (12 am CET) the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  12. Hello, Try checking your anti-virus program. The best way is to turn it off and run the game again. If it works, then you should add the game folder to the white list of the anti-virus. There are some kinds of anti-viruses which are still blocking the connection, even if you add files in the exceptions or close the anti-virus completely. They are Comodo (100%) and 360 Total Security. In this case, the only solution is to delete them from your PC. Also, anti-viruses can block some files, which prevents the game from starting, so you will have to check the files with launcher/torrent in case it has happened.
  13. Maintenance 12.03.2019

    Hello, dear players! Today, on 12.03 at 2 pm MSK (12 am CET) the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Duration of works is undetermined! The problem with the connection to the server will be solved. Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  14. Maintenance 11.03.2019

    Hello, dear players! Today, on 11.03 at 3:30pm MSK (2:30pm CETS) the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. The works will take around 30-90 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance! Update: The works have been prolonged due to an emergency at the data center.
  15. Server down?

    Update: There's now emergency in the Data center and the works have been prolonged.