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  1. Yesterday
  2. We need your opinion!

    the players play on aion legend because reaching the end game without spending real money is very long but is ptw
  3. We need your opinion!

    I'm afraid this server won't be open, no information for weeks now, they said that in June they would open it, but June is ending without any new information
  4. We need your opinion!

    Still waiting for an update of an EU server
  5. Не понятные вылеты из игры

    Сегодня ночью масс вылет был в 1.19 по москве
  6. просто писало соединение с сервером прервано, сейчас все нормально. Спасибо!)
  7. "Сенды"? Они не имеют никакого отношения к разрыву соединения. В чем у вас проблема определитесь пожалуйста. Появляются сендлоги или отключает от сервера ("соединение с игровым сервером прервано")?
  8. We need your opinion!

    Russians are interested too? So the chat will still be almost full russian? Don't do these kind of events anymore, giving free temperings/manastones on the new server. I played a bit of Aion Legend only, so I don't know well the life there, but let's think about one thing: what's that server offering so it has a larger playerbase(1.5-2k online), what's keeping ppl playing there?
  9. Last week
  10. Люди говорят, что эта проблема уже неделю у абсолютно всех игрков. Сенды через каждые 5 мин. Банально не смогли сходить в Сауро т.к перед последним рб всех выкинуло , и группа расформировалась.
  11. We need your opinion!

    for me event are good, i want what i wrote and tounaments or ranking list with adequated rewards .
  12. We need your opinion!

    ok thanks, i've already explained that there is the need to do both in game events like the previous ones and also pvp ones that are like tounaments or ranking list with adequated rewards
  13. We need your opinion!

    ok, but then don't complain on the forum, when you see the desert, after bastion and the siege
  14. We need your opinion!

    just stop with this madness man. make your own server if you feel like doin something like that...
  15. We need your opinion!

    no. wonder half ceranium and ap in the siege and a bastion, and the exchange with the bm to take ceranium and enchant and serum. What you didn't take in bastion and in the siege, you recover it if you do the garrisons. These seem to me very easy to do. so the players won't log in just to do bastion and siege, but they will populate the game at all hours
  16. We need your opinion!

    so you're basically asking to rewrite the game from 0, good luck on it
  17. We need your opinion!

    I remember gold aion at the beginning, those who didn't have an ally to do bastion, left the game because they saw the full abyss players +15 in 20 days.
  18. We need your opinion!

    I want the set to be done in the katalam, I said I would like the bm to be exchanged for ceranium and enchant. Garrisons must be fundamental to the game. For me the set end game is also fine in 10 days, but not being locked in bastion, but doing pvp open word, and doing ap in to the eye of tiamaranta
  19. We need your opinion!

    still that is not gonna happen couse they'll have to rework the game IF they don't do it through specific events like giving rewards from arena wins or open world kills, but still people will need bastion and sieges for the most of the ap/ceranium couse that's still the best and faster way to do them
  20. We need your opinion!

    they should do some way to do some ceranium, not so much with kill in ow, and this isn't a bad things, like 2 ceranium for a looot of kill
  21. We need your opinion!

    The thing you're conplaining about is that over there we're gearing up too fast and then everyone will leave the game, your idea will instead make people gear up so slowly that you would be able to make a full ultimate +15 gear on retail than the abyss gear on a retroserver so which would be the meaning of playing in a retro where you need this much to get a decent set, having in mind that most of the classes are needing more than 1 set
  22. We need your opinion!

    I only ask that the players cannot reach the end game, simply doing bastion and siege, who wants the pvp set end game must do it in open world Then you can also put 10 days, if the player is good, I prefer to take the ceranium with the arenas, or with the pvp, and only in a small part closed in a pve instance, because I want to see the players in open world
  23. We need your opinion!

    and that's a good idea, as i said multiple times, just is pointless to reduce rates couse it will lead to the same point we're now on the russian server and also will speed up the quit from the game, i agree on the pvp ranking as well.
  24. We need your opinion!

    I proposed to exchange the bm, with enchant, serum, and other in fact. when you finish the set, you will find new players who will do the garrisons, with which to do pvp we all played gold aion, I did the set end game in a month, the katalam was empty, we forgot? not even the serum event could repopulate it. tell me what is the point of making the set bm, if I can make the abyss in a month. What is the point of doing katalamyze, if I have the set abyss +15.
  25. We need your opinion!

    if u do so hard to set, no one will do pvp in katalam, cos after u do full set bm what u shuld do?? log only for bastion and siege nothing else. no reason to do camp in ow or something else
  26. We need your opinion!

    I'm not interested doing pvp with the set end game, in 4.6 I was able to do pvp at high levels even with the abyss 50, or set bm, what I want is that there are players, many in katalam, because of this patch I only like that. But is my opinion. then I am in favor of the pvp rankings, but I am tired of useless event.
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